It is your natural right to be healthy,  happy, wealthy,  joyous... See your own value. Believe in yourself  and take a step!


Breath is the bridge between body, mind and soul. It is possible to change your mood, have a healthier body, develop brain activities and feel more balanced and relaxed or active by certain breathing techniques. They are the base of all meditation, yoga, healing and some religious rituals.

- Increases the quality of blood and toxins can be thrown out easily
- Brings health to the whole nervous system
- Vitalizes and relaxes the body
- Breathing properly helps weight control

- Increases concentration
- Strengthens memory
- Empowers the speed and accuracy of learning and understanding

- Provides mental quietness
- Helps purifying from emotional blocks
- Raises the threshold of stress, anxiety and urge
- Brings inner peace

Transpersonal Breathing

If you want something to change in your life very quickly you should try transpersonal breathing because this practice offers effective results immediately. The attendees see the changes and transformations right after the first session.
Every individual has his/her own ability to be well. Transpersonal breathing is a powerful experience to access this inner healing by providing more oxygen.

By the help of transpersonal breathing practices you can expand the body’s oxygen capacity, speed up cell renewal process, strengthen the immune system, give freshness to skin. Also can purify from emotional blocks, overcome your daily stress, traumas, give up bad habits, get rid of negative subconscious records and can stay in peace-of-mind. You may gain a more holistic approach and gain more awareness.

Transpersonal breathing practices releases stress, traumas, fears, anxiety, the sense of guilt, heartbreak, suppressed feelings and gives the feeling of joy, relaxation, energy and peace.

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